Vulpoint SRL

"Security is not a Sprint, it is a Marathon"

Missions : SECURE your process and infrastructures, and CREATE BRIDGES !!!Challenges to solve : making a link between ICT guys and the top management, explain Risks and Technologies to the Board, transmit vision and strategy to the ICT guys.


  • CISO as a Service

  • DPO as a Service

  • Cyber Risk Management

  • Security Awareness

  • Cyber Incident management

  • Pentests and security reviews

  • IOT, Network, Wireless and Radio security

  • Conformity NIS1 & 2, DORA

  • (ISO/IEC 27001 - ISA/IEC 62443)

Clients et autres references

Clients Actifs
- Eurocontrol
- Vivaqua
- GovernLaw (Paris / Bruxelles)
- Freedelity / CustoCentrix
- FAMU and Assuralia
- Custy
Partners et collaborations :
- Atos/Eviden
- Digitribe
- Ataya Partners
- GDPR Agency

- Federale Assurance
- AIEC / Eaux du Condroz
- SISP with SLRB Brussels and GILS
- SLSP with SWL Wallonia
- FN-Herstal
- CESI and OneManagement
- Verhulst
- Digizik
- Brasserie Lefebvre
- Lombard-Odier (Suisse)
- ColeACP
- Goldwasser Exchange
- Banque Degroof-Petercam
- Banque Petercam

About Jean-Sébastien

  • Nom/Last Name : OPDEBEECK

  • Prénom/First Name: Jean-Sébastien

  • Lieu / Living : Hastiere – BELGIUM

  • Année / Year : 1974

  • Nationalité / Citizenship : Française/French

  • Languages : French/English

  • Contact : [email protected]

  • Certifications : CISSP, CEH, ISO27001 LI and LA, CISM, and many more.

English Version
As a former Information Systems Security Officer (CISO / RSSI) at international level, I am an expert in the fields of Information Security, Risk Management, CyberSecurity, Service Continuity and Data Protection.
I also have very good knowledge of GDPR, NIS and DORA laws and regulations.
My qualifications include a degree in IT Security and Audit (Solvay Business School), and I am a certified CISM, CISSP, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer, and CEH.
I know the best practices and regulations applicable to my areas of expertise, and I regularly use ISO 2700x, CIS Controls and CCB documents.I'm now independent and flexible in my expertise so that I can provide the best possible support to management and IT teams.

En Français
En tant qu’ancien Responsable de la sécurité des systèmes d’information (CISO / RSSI) au niveau international, je suis expert dans les domaines de la Sécurité de l’Information, Gestion des risques, CyberSécurité , Continuité des services et la protection des données.
J’ai aussi de très bonnes connaissances dans les lois et réglementations GDPR, NIS et DORA.
Mes qualifications incluent un graduat en ‘IT Security and Audit’ (Solvay Business School), et je suis certifié CISM, CISSP, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer, et CEH.
Je connais les ‘best practices’, les réglementations applicables dans mes domaines de compétences et j’utilise régulièrement ISO 2700x, CIS Controls, ou les documents du CCB.Désormais je suis indépendant et flexible dans mon expertise afin d'aider au mieux le management et les équipes IT.